Can You Prevent a Tire Blowout?

Can You Prevent a Tire Blowout?

We are the leading Ford dealership in the greater Edmonton, Alberta, region and have a wide variety of new Ford cars, pickups, SUVs, and more. They all come equipped with great wheels and tires that eventually will need replacement to prevent a possible tire failure. Our experienced and certified technicians provide tire blowout repair in Edmonton, Alberta.

What causes a tire to explode?

There are no explosive gases inside an inflated tire that would trigger an actual explosion. The rare occurrence of an explosive tire failure usually is caused by either massively overinflating the tire or by running a bad tire that has a weak spot that blows out suddenly while driving. For that to occur, the tire must have a weak spot that still holds air rather than allowing it to escape and deflate at a relatively slow rate when compared to an actual tire blowing out.

Can a low tire cause a blowout?

Running tires with less than the suggested air pressures will lead to improper and wear and tear. Typically, the outer edges will wear faster than the center tread. It also will reduce your traction and handling and could cause the car to feel like it is wallowing while turning. A low tire either already is leaking air or is suffering from neglect. You can contact our service centre to learn more and ensure your tires are in good shape.

What should you do if you have a tire blowout?

Whenever a tire fails while driving and especially when driving on a freeway, you need to take your foot off the gas pedal and use your turn signals to let other drivers know you are making an emergency stop. Apply light pressure on the brake pedal to slow down but do not lock up the brakes, A blown tire can cause the steering and braking to act erratically, so you need to ease the car off the roadway when possible and slow to a controlled stop. Once stopped, you can either replace the faulty tire with the spare, contact a roadside service, or call a friend or loved one who can help.

New Tires and Maintenance Prevent Blowouts

Some drivers wonder: Is a tire blowout an at-fault accident? Whenever a vehicle's owner neglects to maintain it for reasonably safe travels and that neglect causes a chain reaction that leads to an accident, then the driver and owner could be found liable for operating a dangerous vehicle that a reasonable owner or driver would have corrected prior to putting the vehicle on the roadway. You can order your tires with us and schedule a service online today to ensure you have the best rubber on the road.

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