2024 Ford F-150 Design


2024 Ford F-150 Design

Nestled in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Big West Ford proudly introduces the 2024 Ford F-150. This latest model is a testament to innovation, blending modernity with a touch of classic design, making it a standout in both urban and rural landscapes of Alberta.

2024 Ford F-150 Design


2024 Ford F-150: A Design Revelation

The 2024 F-150 makes a grand entrance with its revamped head- and taillamps. On higher trims, these lights feature a unique signature that effortlessly merges retro vibes with a contemporary flair. The Raptor model elevates this with refined aesthetics, ensuring that whether at a campground or a job site in Alberta, the F-150 commands attention.

Step inside, and the F-150 greets you with technological advancements and comfort. The standard 12-inch screen enhances the interior's modern look, complemented by a new user interface for the Pro Power Onboard generator. The head-up display, now an available feature, adds to the truck's high-tech ambiance. The focus on the V6 hybrid powertrain, along with the introduction of the clever Pro Access tailgate, showcases Ford's commitment to practical innovation.

Model-Specific Design Highlights

  • XLT: Chrome accents and the 360-degree camera blend luxury with utility.
  • STX®: The dark grey machined aluminum wheels create a bold statement, matched with practical features like the Electronic Shift-On-The-Fly.
  • LARIAT®: The 20" Chrome-Like PVD Wheels and adaptive cruise control offer a blend of elegance and high-tech functionality.
  • King Ranch®: Its LED Projector Headlamps and leather-wrapped heated steering wheel epitomize luxury, suitable for the discerning Albertan.
  • Platinum®: Gloss Black accents and the available Platinum Plus Package set a new standard in truck luxury.
  • Raptor®: Built for the adventurous, it features heavy-duty skid plates and all-terrain tires, perfect for exploring Alberta's diverse terrains.

A Design Tailored for Alberta

Every aspect of the F-150's design, from the rugged exterior to the luxurious interior, is crafted keeping in mind the diverse needs of Albertans. Whether it's tackling the rough terrains or cruising in the city, the F-150 stands as a symbol of strength and sophistication.

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At Big West Ford, we're excited to introduce the 2024 Ford F-150 to our community in Edmonton. Its innovative design, coupled with a commitment to excellence, makes it not just a vehicle but a part of our Alberta heritage. Visit us to experience the blend of tradition and innovation that only the 2024 Ford F-150 can offer.


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