Big West Ford Delivery Service Powered by Draiver


Do you offer vehicle pickup and delivery for maintenance appointments?

Yes! Delivery Service Powered By Draiver is a vehicle delivery and pickup service offered by our dealership to ensure that our customers can conveniently schedule their maintenance appointments, have their vehicles collected from their desired location, and then delivered back to them once the service is complete.

How does the Customer Delivery Service Powered by Draiver work?

The customer service team schedules vehicle service pickups and drop-offs for our customers. The service team will schedule your vehicle pickup and delivery with one of Draiver’s fully vetted and insured drivers.

What is Draiver?

Draiver is a first-of-its-kind, on-demand personal car delivery service. It is designed to make moving cars a breeze for all our customers. This service offers an elite network of insured drivers who drive and deliver cars safely and efficiently to provide the ultimate convenience.

How does Draiver provide a safe vehicle pickup and delivery experience?

To ensure each move protects you and our drivers, we offer a contactless vehicle delivery process. Additionally, Draiver requires all its drivers to undergo a multi-step safety screening and annual re-screenings and use technology to monitor potential issues. Automated tracking ensures your vehicle is exactly where it is supposed to be at all times.

Can I schedule a vehicle pickup and delivery in advance?

Yes! Please call us today to schedule your next maintenance appointment with vehicle pickup and delivery.

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