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Step 1: Find the perfect vehicle
All the vehicles featured in our online inventory are accurate and up-to-date with what we have on our lot!
Our used vehicle inventory also features Live Market Pricing, which means we compare them to all the vehicles in the surrounding areas that are of similar make/model, and price them accordingly to give you the best price possible.

Step 2: What's My Payment?
Once you have decided on the perfect vehicle, look for and click the Take Control with Easy Deal button on the vehicle you have chosen.
From here, you can actually create terms and payments that work best for you! You can choose between several options for payment - FINANCE, LEASE, or CASH in addition to adding cash down and selecting monthly or bi-weekly payments and see the finance rates that apply.

Step 3: Value Your Trade

If you have a vehicle that you would like to trade, and want to know the value of your trade, simply select the Trade-In button. From here, you will be prompted to enter the details of your trade and an estimate will be given to you on the spot!
You can instantly apply your trade-in to include your payment calculation.

Step 4: Apply For Credit Safely and Securely
Apply for credit online using our 1024-bit RSA SSL Bank Grade Encryption utility and get a real-time credit decision from our lenders at the best possible rates. Save up too 90 minutes at the dealership by applying online.
Simply select the Apply for Financing button located at the top or bottom of your customized deal.
Step 5: Book a Test Drive, Appointment, or Delivery
Need to take your perfect vehicle for a test drive? No problem. You can print your deal so you know you're getting the right price and schedule an appointment by simply selecting the "COME IN" button on your deal.
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The Advantages of Easy Deal

Cozy Car Shopping

Sipping on hot cocoa in the winter or enjoying the sun out on your patio in the summer while car shopping online is the new normal today. Finding the car model, trim or colour you want is no longer dependable on where you live. Online car dealers stepped up their game, and Denny Andrews Ford is leading the game by changing the traditional car-buying process with Easy Deal.

How can I buy a car online?

You might find yourself doubting and asking how someone can make this huge investment and decide to buy a car all online on a screen. Rightfully so, as we know buying a car involves many factors like trust, dealership customer service, paperwork and more. Answers to all these doubts can be found with Easy Deal.

What is Easy Deal?

Innovative smart software that allows you to streamline your new or used vehicle shopping experience using an automotive price calculator and a sales management tool, paired with our free comprehensive online tools offering a seamless purchasing experience for our Canadian buyers.

You can jump right into a search and browse our new and quality pre-owned inventory. You'll find listings that cover all the car's details from make, model, and colour. Plus, researching new car prices and deals without any in-person steps. Easy Deal lets you do the whole thing from your house on your own time.

You can choose your vehicle on the website, purchase it, get it built for you and pick it up when it's ready, exactly as you wanted it specced out. The same goes for completing your financing application and signing the final paperwork. From anywhere you are, and at any convenient time, this is how simple buying a vehicle online at Denny Andrews Ford can be.