F-Series Trucks Review in Edmonton, Alberta

F-Series Trucks Review in Edmonton, Alberta

F-Series Trucks Review in Edmonton, Alberta

F Series Trucks Review: Which is right for you?

Big West Ford is a reputable Ford dealership in Edmonton, Alberta that sells new automobiles by Ford. Thanks to our dedication and drive, we're a preferred dealership among Ford fans, and we continue to attract new fans by setting great prices that cater to a wide range of consumers beyond Edmonton. If you're shopping for a powerful pickup truck, we can help. To get started, please fill out and submit our finance application.

Best Selling Vehicles

There are many reasons why Ford F-Series trucks are best-selling vehicles. These automobiles have earned this honour consistently for ten years. Ford is the best-selling vehicle, is a significant accomplishment from a financial standpoint because F-Series trucks have generated more sales than over 145,000 trucks in Canada. Specific trucks helped Ford reach this milestone. For example, throughout 2019, many deals were fueled by the F-150's success. On the lower end of the scale, the Ford Super Duty produced around 30,000 sales. In 2019, Super Duty sales soared because there was a high demand for tough work trucks. Overall, the Ford F series best pickup truck is the F-150 in terms of sales.

Super Duty Highlights

The Super Duty is mainly a truck for tough jobs. However, it does have a few features that can provide advantages after a gruelling job. For example, the Tremor's off-road package adds great technology and hardware enhancements; these features can give significant benefits beyond traditional highways. It's available for the Platinum F-250, King Ranch, XLT, F-350, and Lariat. This particular package makes the Super Duty an ideal pickup truck for camping adventures and fishing trips. However, a Super Duty can still easily tow a boat to a fishing or camping spot without the off-road package during a weekend getaway. According to Ford, the Super Duty was built to cater to workers, campers, and anglers. The key is the Super Duty's design as it has larger shocks that can support heavy commercial loads and hefty equipment, better ground clearance for hills, and large tires, which can provide excellent traction on roads, streets, and trails.

In commercial, traditional, and off-road environments, a Super Duty handles well because it has excellent suspension upgrades. The highlights include new progressive-rate springs, a better stabilizer, and hardware that enhances internal hydraulic rebound. Each new addition provides key advantages during specific situations. For example, the progressive-rate springs manage movement in the cabin when a Super Duty travels on uneven trails by providing balance. The rear-stabilizer bar improves the spring rate and prevents sudden activities that can cause neck pain. As this happens, twin-tube dampers interact with the stabilizer to reduce swaying inside of the cabin. The hydraulic hardware makes trips along very bumpy paths more comfortable by effectively softening the impacts. The Tremor's extra-large 35-inch wheels complement the new suspension system. On off-road trails, these tires generate a lot of traction. Besides the Tremor's optimized tires, it also has other new features, such as off-road running boards, another selectable drive mode, and an electric winch.

If you want to learn more, Contact Us about other F series pickup trucks, such as the Super Duty F-350, stop by Big West Ford and schedule a test drive and apply for financing.

New F Series Engines

Ford's 7.3-litre eight-cylinder engine will debut with the F-350, F-250, and the Super Duty. There is also a 6.2-litre 385-horsepower eight-cylinder gas engine; it's only available for a Super Duty. A brand new 6.7-litre Power Stroke V8 is unrestricted for diesel engine fans. It has vital upgrades that add more power, such as a variable-geometry turbocharger. However, this engine's standout feature is its brand-new injectors because they effectively manage combustion sounds and performance. In terms of the design, the new engine received a few structural modifications, and some changes were made to make the engines stronger. The graphite block, connecting bearings, connecting rods, and cylinder heads were upgraded to give each F-Series engine a higher output. Also, the older pistons are gone; the newest machines now have stronger steel pistons. These pistons can generate more pressure without producing a lot of friction. All of these enhancements are performance upgrades. Among all of the new engines, the Power Stroke V8 has the most appealing specs. On the road, it can produce up to 475 horsepower and about 1,050 lb-ft of torque.

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