Ford X-Plan at Big West Ford

What is X-Plan?

New Vehicle Purchase Plans are offered by Ford Motor Company to encourage employees, retirees, their families and friends to drive new Ford Motor Company products. In addition, X-Plan program benefits are offered to Partner Recognition organizations - organizations where Ford has a special relationship. Vehicles may be purchased or leased from Big West Ford. To find out more about Ford Purchase Programs and Pricing, contact us and we will assist you in your research.

Because of over 3000 companies' strong relationship with Ford Motor Company, the employees of these companies can participate in the X-Plan Partner Recognition Program.

It allows you to purchase or lease a new Ford (some vehicles are excluded, and pre-owned vehicles are ineligible), at Ford Motor Company's very attractive X-Plan price. This is a pre-negotiated price, which makes the process virtually hassle-free.

This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of your special relationship with Ford Motor Company.

Who's Eligible:

  • Employees (full time, part-time and contract), retirees and their spouses of eligible partner companies (suppliers, fleets, etc.) and universities where Ford recruits.
  • Members, Customers and spouses of selected organizations/associations with close strategic ties to Ford Motor Company.
  • Selected individuals sponsored by a Ford Motor Company employee or retiree through the Friends & Neighbors Program.
  • Participation is by invitation only, not all suppliers, fleets, etc. are eligible.
  • Two new products per calendar year may be purchased/leased in total.
  • To find out more about Ford's X-Plan Program and Pricing, contact us and we will assist you in your research.

Participants can obtain a PIN from their employer or by calling 1-877-XPLAN-00 (975-2600).

Enter Your Ford X-Plan PIN