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Ford Winter Performance Package - Tires, Rims, Sensors

As the winter quickly approaches, people in Edmonton have to get ready for the snow. If you're frequently on the roads around Edmonton, you must get your vehicle winter ready to stay safe while driving around. Contact us at Big West Ford Sales if you're interested in a Ford winter performance package in Edmonton, AB.

Ford Winter Performance Package Overview

What does the package entail? It deals with performance, maintenance, and winter tires. Your vehicle will get upgraded with winter tires with deeper treads than traditional ones. They can be studded if you're someone who regularly ventures away from paved roads. Winter tires are suited well for the cold temperature in our area, and they'll undoubtedly be reliable even in the harshest of conditions.

1. Rims

New steel wheels are also included in the Ford winter performance package. We can change out your rims for you so that the tires can be fitted properly. With these new wheels, tire pressure will be maintained, and you will enjoy a smooth ride.

2. Tire Pressure Sensors

When you change out your old wheels for new ones, it's important to address the issue of tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). It can be a safety hazard when your tires are under-inflated, and these sensors will warn you if this ever happens. We'll ensure that you have a properly working TPMS system when switching out your rims and tires.

3. Maintenance

As you prepare for the winter, you'll also want to think about other maintenance tasks. Ensure your wipers are in good condition, your air filter is clean from dust, and your oil has been changed recently. Oil, especially when it's old, can become thicker in the cold, affecting your engine's performance. Ice build-up can be a concern when wipers don't properly contact the windshield. You can address these things on your own, but of course, we're here to help anyone who could use a hand.

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Right now could be the right time to take care of all of this. Please schedule an appointment with our Service Centre so that you can get ready for the cold season. Visit our Parts Centre to learn about promotions on genuine Ford parts.

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