FordPass - Getting Started in Edmonton, Alberta

FordPass - Getting Started

FordPass Getting Started in Edmonton, Alberta

You will find many great models in our new inventory at Big West Ford, featuring the latest technology features such as the FordPass, giving you easy access to many convenient features. We strive to deliver the best vehicle selection at the most competitive pricing, making us the go-to dealer in Edmonton, Alberta, for all automotive needs.

FordPass Features

Remote Start

Through the press of a button, you can start your Ford's engine and have it warm up to be ready as you step into the cabin. You can also schedule a time for it to start, giving you even more functionality.

Lock & Unlock

With FordPass, you can lock or unlock your vehicle from almost anywhere, making it easy to check the status of your vehicle's locks even after stepping away.

Locate Your Vehicle

When you forget where you parked your Ford in a large parking lot, you can utilize the locate your vehicle function through the FordPass app to find its location.


Why is my FordPass not connecting?

If your FordPass is not connecting, begin by logging out of your account then logging back in. If that method fails to solve the issue, try adding your vehicle back onto the FordPass app again. Lastly, if all fails, you can log in to your Ford account and add your vehicle there.

How much does FordPass cost per month?

You can install the FordPass app for free in Canada, although to gain full access to the many features available such as Connected Services, you will have to opt for a subscription.

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If you still need more help or have questions about the FordPass, make sure to contact us. Our friendly staff are eager to help you find the model you desire, and they can assist you in finding out more about how the FordPass can improve your commute. You can also find many Ford Accessories at our dealership, letting you customize your vehicle by adding a unique styling to match your personality or equipment to help you enjoy your favourite hobbies outdoors.

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