Get your Vehicle Winter Ready

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Get your Vehicle Winter-Ready In Edmonton, Alberta

As the cold winter months start rolling in, severe weather can be dangerous and frightening if not prepared. At Big West Ford in Edmonton, Alberta, we understand that you may not know what you should be doing to get ready for winter. We have offered a shortlist to prepare you for cold winter conditions better.

Tires Change

Traction is critical when the roads are wet, slushy, or icy. Having good tires will help to keep you safe. Winter tires come specially designed for seven degrees and below weather and have ample tread to help with stopping and traction in colder weather. If you are interested in new tires, please contact our Tire Centre to browse and set up an appointment.

Oil Change

Keeping up with your vehicle's oil is essential; however, it is imperative during the cold weather. Your car's oil can become thick in the cold and start to affect your vehicle engine. Making sure you have the right oil for cold weather and regularly changing your car oil will help your vehicle run well.

Air Filter

Your vehicle's air filter is also essential during winter. You will want to make sure that the air filter is clean from dust. Once you have replaced your air filter, hot fresh air can effectively circulate throughout the vehicle, keeping you warm during the cold winter months.


Often, we forget about our wipers; over time, they can start to become dull and not as effective. Changing out your old ones for new ones at the start of winter or cold weather can be essential for your visibility. Visibility is crucial when driving. Winter wipers safety prep always includes a new pair of Wipers at the start of every winter.

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