What gas does a ford escape take?

What gas does a ford escape take?

What gas does a ford escape take


What Gas Does a Ford Escape Take?

There are many types of gas and even electric vehicles now. Knowing what to put in your Ford Escape's tank isn't easy, but we're here to help. We explain the different types of gasoline fuel and how they compare to others, as well as their benefit in a combustion engine.


Different Types of Engines

There are four main fuel types when it comes to engines available for commercial vehicles. 



Gasoline is available in a few varieties and is one of the most common fuel types. The fuel is made from petroleum, hence its other name: petrol. The various octane ratings available for gasoline are regular 87, a mid-grade option between 88 and 89, and a high-grade option with an octane rating between 90 and 94. 


While the difference between these choices is slim, the higher concentration of octane results in a slower burn. Unless your car explicitly recommends otherwise, you won't see a significant difference from using a higher grade.



Diesel is made from petroleum but refined with a different method. Diesel vehicles typically receive better fuel efficiency. Diesel is commonly used by industrial trucks but comes available in two options: One for automobiles and one for off-road vehicles. 


Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, or PHEVs, use an electric motor and a combustion engine that typically runs on gasoline. The batteries can be charged manually or through regenerative braking. Typically, this vehicle sees a far lower fuel consumption than gasoline models. While versatile and not as range-limited as EVs, it still requires refuelling.

Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid



Electric vehicles, or EVs, run solely on electricity and use a battery to power an electric motor. These vehicles can be charged at public charging stations or at home.


So, What Does My Ford Escape Take?

While it's best to always check your manual, you'll be just fine running regular gasoline, the 87 octane type, in your Ford Escape. While you'll see no benefit from using higher-octane fuel, it won't affect your performance on the road. Overall, it depends on your personal preference and experience.


When in Doubt, Visit a Professional

Consult a professional if you need help determining what gas to use when filling your Ford Escape's tank. Big West Ford in Edmonton, AB, is an official dealership and can offer plenty of advice and insight into your car's fuel and other information.


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